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 Alfalfa loves to sprout happiness wherever they go by scattering rainbow sprinkles in the garden beds in the hope that one day they will grow into rainbows!
• Favorite Treat: Watermelon waffles!
• Favorite Pastime: Talking to plants!

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Loofa is a lion with a designer coat and marvelous mane! Not only does this Pikmi Pop look amazing, they also have incredible "ROAR" talent!
• Favorite Treat: Roast chickpeas!
• Favorite Pastime: Shopping on Mane Street!

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Kind and super friendly, Kimchi goes out on a limb to help and "panda" to all your needs. You'll never feel blue with this red panda!
• Favorite Treat: Pandcakes!
• Favorite Pastime: Doing good deeds!

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This Pikmi Pop is so proud their stunning feathers, and why not, they're awesome! But Plume's no show-pony….  More like a show-peacock!
• Favorite Treat: Peanuts, green peas and pecans!
• Favorite Pastime: Feather arranging!

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Zeni is not your average zebra. But them nobody is average in Pikmi Pop Land! Zeni is a trendsetter who can't wait to hit the catwalk with their wild new look!          
• Favorite Treat: Pikmi popsicles
• Favorite Pastime: Styling up new looks to wear!

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Skooter loves to fuel up with sugar before any flight! That way long distant flights are a breeze. Nothing worries this Pikmi Pop, Skooter just glides through every day with ease!
• Favorite Treat: Sugar coated sugar cubes!
• Favorite Pastime: Kite flying! 

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Puffly the Pug is always up for a hug! An expert in hug giving, Puffly has a huge range, from caring hugs, happy hugs to relaxing hugs! This pug has a hug to suit everyone!
• Favorite Treat: Jelly Bean Jaffles
• Favorite Pastime:  Relaxing is a pair of fluffy Pugg Boots!

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Bamboo is a bear who's ultra rare, you'll wonder why they're never there!  But when you find them you'll have a precious friend for life! You wont BEAR to lose them!
• Favorite Treat: Bamboo Steam buns!
• Favorite Pastime: Playing hide and seek!

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Dainty is a donkey who's light on their hooves! Other Pikmi Pops are amazed by how fast Dainty's legs move with out a single stumble! Dainty is no wonky donkey!
• Favorite Treat: Hay enchiladas!
• Favorite Pastime: Giving donkey dance lessons

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Posie is a whole bunch of fun and loves putting on a show for friends by juggling grapes. Posie's skills are amazing. Some Pikmi Pops have called it      " The Grapest Show On Earth!"
• Favorite Treat: Grape gravy
• Favorite Pastime:  Going to Pup-pet shows!

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Bobble loves talking. This budgie can chirp in 5 different languages which is very handy when it goes migrating to warmer counties in winter.    
• Favorite Treat: Banana flavored birdseed!
• Favorite Pastime:  Spending time on Twitter!

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This Pikmi Pop has a "Home Sweet Home" on its back! No matter where Smoosh goes there is always a beautiful place to stay! It's like being on an endless vacation!
• Favorite Treat: Banana cream pie.
• Favorite Pastime: Interior decorating. You should see inside Smoosh's shell!

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Moni has an incredible memory! This elephant can remember everything it's ever eaten for lunch since it was one day old! Actually it's not that remarkable because Moni only ever eats raspberries!!
• Favorite Treat: Raspberries and lots of them!
• Favorite Pastime: Playing memory games!

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Scoots is a wiz in the water! This otter loves to lay on its back and float like a boat using its tail as a rudder. Scoots is otterly amazing when it comes to swimming!
• Favorite Treat: Bubblegum soda
• Favorite Pastime: Boating and body surfing!

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Clove is an adventurous coyote who's always prowling around the plains looking for colorful things to create gifts for friends. Clove really knows how to turn trash into treasure!
• Favorite Treat: Moon cakes.
• Favorite Pastime: Moon baking under the stars

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Velvet the elk dreams of flying through space and visiting other planets. They say that Velvet's antlers can pick up signals from other worlds! 
• Favorite Treat: Bubblegum Tacos
• Favorite Pastime: Astronomy

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Chomp has a roar that's very small but a heart as big as lion! This Pikmi Pop is always the first to help. Chomp doesn't want to be king of the jungle, but instead, be a pawfect friend!
• Favorite Treat: Fruit salad subs!
• Favorite Pastime: Just lion around in the shade!

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Fab is a pup who's extra precious. With fluffy ears, Fab always hears you when you need a hug. You can tell Fab all your problems because when Fab barks, it's from the heart!  
• Favorite Treat: Watermelon sausages!
• Favorite Pastime: Ear Brushing!

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Snowy adores the cold weather and is always singing and dancing when there's a blizzard. This cool bear is famous for performing on the ice stage. This Pikmi Pop loves being in "Snow Biz!"
• Favorite Treat: Caramel apple Icy poles!
• Favorite Pastime: Singing in the snow!

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Eggnog has a "Never give up" attitude. No matter how hard a nutshell can be, Eggnog will try to open it! this Pikmi Pop is very handy with power tools, especially jack hammers! 
• Favorite Treat: Peanut butter and grape sandwiches!
• Favorite Pastime: Making cool jewelry from nut cases!

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Skittle is always calm and will do anything for anyone! This llama is a lover of peace and likes to give advise about life to others. Some Pikmi Pops call Skittle the "Dalai Llama!
• Favorite Treat: Cotton Candy Cornflakes!
• Favorite Pastime: Meditating under the Cotton Candy tree!

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Glama the Peacock is always on show and likes to look their best 24/7 and loves giving advise the other Pikmi Pops. Glama's motto - Be proud of yourself!
• Favorite Treat: Blueberry and birdseed pie!
• Favorite Pastime: Showing their style and flashing their feathers!

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If you spot something red in Pikmi Pop Land it's probably Rowie the Red Panda! Popping up in the most unexpected places to surprise you, Rowie is always red-red-ready to make you jump!
• Favorite Treat: Fruit Berry Surprise!
• Favorite Pastime: Planning surprise parties!

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Puff the ram is an incredible knitter! Using its own wool to make the best ugly sweater designs you can find! This Pikmi Pop has a list of orders as long as its horns!
• Favorite Treat: Caramel Apple Cupcakes!
• Favorite Pastime: Growing the sweetest wool you can find!

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 Alfalfa loves to sprout happiness wherever they go by scattering rainbow sprinkles in the garden beds in the hope that one day they will grow into rainbows!
• Favorite Treat: Watermelon waffles!
• Favorite Pastime: Talking to plants!

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 Tickle has very sensitive hooves. When galloping, the grass tickles and causing this Pikmi Pop to fall over in a giggling fit! That's why Tickle is  the only zebra who likes to wear socks! 
• Favorite Treat: Blueberry hay bales 
• Favorite Pastime: Designing stripy pajamas!

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Tubble is a goat who eats anything sweet! This Pikmi Pop's diet may not be balanced but when dancing, nothing makes this goat tumble! Tubble is one sure-footed sweet tooth!
• Favorite Treat: Cotton candy  and tin cans!
• Favorite Pastime: Dancing on four sweet feet!.

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Pickle the Pug's tail never stops wagging! A happy pug who loves to have a bunch of fun with friends, Pickle is a grape buddy to everyone!
• Favorite Treat: A big bunch of bones!
• Favorite Pastime: Walks in the park.

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Wisp is a mythical Pikmi Pop who flies down from the mountains to spread the message of friendship. Those special enough to see Wisp know that they have a friend for life!
• Favorite Treat: Hot and spicy snacks!
• Favorite Pastime: Skywriting with firey breath!

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If you want to find Fuzz the Yeti then follow the footprints in the snow before they melt. Fuzz may look cold but this Pikmi Pop is extra warm-hearted and gives the best hugs!
• Favorite Treat: Snow cones!
• Favorite Pastime: Building snowmen.

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Only true believers can see this Pikmi Pop. Fancy the Unicorn appears like a rainbow when you least expect it. Then just as quick Fancy disappears! - So make a wish…fast!
• Favorite Treat: Rainbow Cake!
• Favorite Pastime: Rainbow riding.

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Like anyone, Flubb has ups and downs but mostly ups! Some say this Pikmi Pop has an inflated ego but the truth is Flubb gets so enthusiastic about things that they almost pop!
• Favorite Treat: Banana Bubblegum!
• Favorite Pastime: Making balloon animals.

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Life can be a bundle of nerves for Noodles! This little jellyfish gets spooked easily and shakes its way through the day! But when Noodles gets a dose of the wobbles this Pikmi Pop takes a deep breath and keeps on swimming!
• Favorite Treat: Jelly of course!
• Favorite Pastime: Rock pool hopping.

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Tubbs is never unhappy and always having a whale of a time! This Pikmi Pop loves to spout about how much fun Pikmi Pop World is!
• Favorite Treat: Nearly everything - Tubbs loves food!
• Favorite Pastime: Deep sea diving.

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Kazoo is a real joker and quacks everybody up with lots of silly antics! If they don't laugh at the jokes Kazoo tickles them with a feather! Everyone's lucky to know this ducky!
• Favorite Treat: Peach pie
• Favorite Pastime: Taking baths.

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A little rascal who love to pull a prank, that's Dreya!  Watch out when this Pikmi Pop's about because you never know when this raccoon will surprise you!   
• Favorite Treat: Raccoon Macaroons!
• Favorite Pastime: Planning the next prank!.

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Playful and silly, Oni loves splashing around in water and getting others wet. Sometimes naughty but always nice, this otter can be a lotta trouble!
• Favorite Treat: Orange Ice Cream!
• Favorite Pastime: Floating and boating.

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Fuwu the Fox is very elusive. You'll see this Pikmi Pop's tail popping over the hills but catching it is a different story! This fox wears a quick pair of socks! But when you do finally meet, you become friends for life! 
• Favorite Treat: Lemonade Lollipops!
• Favorite Pastime: Swinging on the flying fox.

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Mani has an amazing imagination and never stops creating fun inventions for everyone. Mani's job is to put a smile on everyone's face and this moose does it so well!
• Favorite Treat: Choc Mint Moosli!
• Favorite Pastime: Growing organic food.

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Look up in the trees and you may find Fluff the Koala. Fluff loves to sleep all day long and party under the stars! Extra helpful, this Pikmi Pop will always go out on a limb to be friends.
• Favorite Treat: Caramel coated gum leaves!
• Favorite Pastime: Making Gumnut jewelry for friends.

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Nacho may be small but has a big personality. Confident and clever, you are always in good paws! Everything's apples when you are with this little French bulldog!   
• Favorite Treat: Candy apple cornflakes!
• Favorite Pastime: Learning how to bark in French!

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Energetic and adventurous, Tazzle loves surprising friends by pouncing out from the jungle. This Pikmi Pop is a little tiger who love playing tag until the sun goes down!
• Favorite Treat: Mango marshmallows!
• Favorite Pastime: Training for the tiger triathlon!

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Niblet is a Choc Mint Champion hamster. This Pikmi Pop is the best when it comes to being a fresh sweet friend! Niblet is totally Hamazing!
• Favorite Treat: Choc dipped carrots!
• Favorite Pastime: Being wheelie fast in the hamster wheel!

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Twigs is a bird who's a real copy cat! Ever since learning to talk, Twigs repeats everything they hear!  This pikmi Pop chats 24/7 and even talks in their sleep!
• Favorite Treat: Apple Seeds!
• Favorite Pastime: Listening to talkback radio!

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Freckle is a walrus who has a real sweet tusk and is especially fond of cotton candy. Freckle never forgets to brush its tusks twice a day so that its smile is always sparkling!
• Favorite Treat: Cotton candy crumbed fish!
• Favorite Pastime: Beach volley ball!

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Snuffle has an amazing memory and can remember every Pikmi Pop's name and address which is very handy when writing Christmas cards!
• Favorite Treat: Strawberry and peanut ice cream.
• Favorite Pastime: Snorkeling with its trunk.

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Erkle the turtle is a shy little Pikmi Pop who doesn't like to come out of its shell. Everything Erkle needs is on its back and the peachiness makes it a Home Sweet Home!  
• Favorite Treat: Peaches and Cream!
• Favorite Pastime: Watching Shellevision!

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Brite is a very handy friend to have around on a rainy day. This Pikmi Pop's antlers are perfect for hanging wets socks out to dry!
• Favorite Treat: Pumpkin Pie!
• Favorite Pastime: Ballroom prancing!

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Petrie likes to decorate their den by hanging bunches of grapes from the ceiling. That way if Petrie is hungry during the night they just pick a snack from above the bed! 
• Favorite Treat: Grape jelly!
• Favorite Pastime: Moon baking on a summers night!!

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Peebie is a real night cat and loves to sit on the fence and sing to the moon thinking it's a giant glowing gumball! If only Peebie could get some claws into it!
• Favorite Treat: Bubblegum and sardines!
• Favorite Pastime: Trying to blow the world's biggest bubble!

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Rhubarb is a smart roo and doesn't stop thinking about the future. This Pikmi Pop carries watermelon seeds in its pouch and sews them wherever it goes! That way Rhubarb can have watermelon anytime, anywhere!
• Favorite Treat: Watermelon Waffles!
• Favorite Pastime: Boomerang juggling!

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Tater loves looking for treasure in the yard. This Pikmi Pop spends hours digging holes and is always on the hunt for elusive banana bones!
• Favorite Treat: Banana Bones!
• Favorite Pastime: Drawing treasure maps!

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Parfait the Hedgehog

Parfait the Hedgehog eats nothing but desserts! This may sound unhealthy but theis Pikmi Pop makes sure they have their daily vegetable intake. You should try Parfait’s recipe for Broccoli Cream Pie!

Favorite Treat: Chocolate coated carrots!
Favorite Pastime: Cooking up new creations in the kitchen!

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Sprinkle the Hamster

A little soft sweetie, Sprinkle can’t help squeezing in another marshmallow into their mouth. It’s the perfect sugar hit to start Sprinkle bouncing off the walls without getting hurt!

Favorite Treat: Marshmallow Muffins
Favorite Pastime: Workouts in the hamster wheel!

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Drips the Dog

Drips the Dog is a sweet but messy pup! Always getting into sticky situations, Drips melts the hearts of everyone by leaving chocolate heart shaped paw prints behind! 

Favorite Treat: Chocolate Ripple Cake
Favorite Pastime: Walking in the park with sweet friends.

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Sherbet the Parrot

Sherbet the Parrot is a bit of a daredevil and likes doing tricks through the clouds. Sherbet always carries a bubblegum bubble to ensure a soft bouncy landing!

Favorite Treat: Bubblegum birdseed
Favorite Pastime: Sending messages on Flapchat!

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Sundae the Cow

Sundae the Cow can whip up the creamiest Sundaes using the freshest ingredients. Sundae has all the dance moooves that makes ice cream that’s extra smooth!

Favorite Treat: Berry Twist Sundaes 
Favorite Pastime: Playing the cowbell!

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Sweetie the Goldfish

Sweetie the Goldfish loves meeting new friends but can never remember them.  But that’s ok because Sweetie gets to introduce herself all over again the next day!

Favorite Treat: Berrilicious Fish food!
Favorite Pastime: Doing laps of the fish bowl!

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Ripple the Cat

An inventive Pikmi Pop, Ripple the Cat loves soaking in the hot tub blowing bubblegum bubbles and joining them together to make the perfect air mattress to relax on!

Favorite Treat: Bubble Gum Ripple Cake
Favorite Pastime: Playing Bubble Gum Basketball!

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Twirl the Monkey

When there are pranks happening you can be sure Twirl the Monkey is about. This monkey is always up to their ears in mischief and berry juice! 

Favorite Treat: Berry Surprise Pie!
Favorite Pastime: Swinging in the berry bushes!

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Puddin the Pony

Pudding the Pony is a sweet performer.  With leaps and twirling hooves, Pudding is a real show pony that never leaves you unsatisfied!

Favorite Treat: Chocolate Anything!
Favorite Pastime: Watching “So you think you can prance”

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Scoops the Mouse

Scoops the Mouse lives in an ice cream cone condo. When this Pikmi Pop gets hungry Scoops simply eats a hole in the wall! - You can never have enough windows! 

Favorite Treat: Marshmallow Cheese Sandwiches!
Favorite Pastime: Getting the scoop on all the gossip in Pikmi Pop Land!

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Icey the Bunny

As cool as ice and sweet ‘n’ nice, Icey the bunny is a popular pick on a hot day! Other Pikmis line up to cool down with a hug from this chilled bunny!

Favorite Treat: Marshmallow Ice Blocks
Favorite Pastime: Ice Sculpting

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Sorbae the Bear

Sorbae travels everywhere via bubble popwer by blowing the biggest bubblegum bubbles! It’s a very relaxing form of transport however you tend to have to go with the blow!

Favorite Treat: Bubblegum Sorbet
Favorite Pastime: Bubblegum Ballooning!

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Ollie The Bear

Ollie the Bear sleeps on a bubble gum mattress. It's so comfortable until it starts to pop! Favourite Treat: Bubble Gum and honey sandwiches. Favourite Pastime: Bear back riding!



Surprise Message

I'll always be bear for you!

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Picki The Parrot

Picki the Parrot is a high flyer who loves performing acrobatics. Risky and rad, this bird attracts a crowd. There’s always a surprise or two in the show! Favourite Treat: Fruit Salad Sandwiches. Favourite Pastime: Creating new fruit juice combos!



Fruit Paradise

Surprise Message

You're a total tweet heart!

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Pichi The Dog!

Pichi loves surprising others by popping out of the holes they dig! Pichi's favorite color is blue. Pichi likes it so much, Pichi even smells blue! Favourite Treat: Blueberry Bones! Favourite Pastime: Digging for Blueberry Bones!




Surprise Message

Don't worry! Be Yappy!

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Fetti The Cat

A colorful kitty who's always merry when eating raspberries. Fetti leaves ripe red paw prints all over the place. Favourite Treat: Rapberries and sardines. Favourite Pastime: Picking Raspberries!


Ripe Raspberries

Surprise Message

You look so Purrrty!

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Leroy The Monkey

Leroy loves bananas so much, Leroy's starting to become one! Leroy's scent is very a-peeling! Favourite Treat: Banana flavoured ANYTHING!! Favourite Pastime: Banana skin skating!



Surprise Message

You're the pick of the Bunch!

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Ebby The Bunny

Ebby the Bunny can bounce around like a bubble! Ebby just has to be careful not to pop and end up in a sticky situation! Favourite Treat: Bubblegum Breakfasts! Favourite Pastime: Bubble juggling



Surprise Message

You're a bun of fun!

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Wubbs The Bat

Everything is upside down in Wubbs hangout! But that’s OK It’s always so dark Wubbs never knows which way is up anyway!  It’s a “Bump and Go” kinda life! Favourite Treat: Caramel Tacos. Favourite Pastime: Hanging about in caves!




Surprise Message

Let's hang out together!

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Guggles The Clown Fish

Guggles the Clown Fish is always surprising the Pikmi Pops and making them laugh! If they don’t laugh at Guggle’s jokes then it’s time for a tickle attack! Favourite Treat: Marshmallow Thick-shakes. Favourite Pastime: Clowning around!


Grape Giggles

Surprise Message

Always remember... Any fins possible!

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Voom The Shark

The smiliest shark you will ever meet, Voom makes friends fast. How could you resist a grin like that? Always quick with a joke, Voom has a sharp wit and even sharper teeth! Favourite Treat: Mint Choc Chip Cupcakes. Favourite Pastime: Surprising swimmers with a smile!



Mint Chocolate Chip

Surprise Message

You're looking sharp today!

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Squirl The Caterpillar

Squirl the Caterpillar is always hungry. It’s amazing what this Pikmi can do with a bowl of blueberries! Squirl’s cocoon is one of the most popular restaurants in Pikmi Land. It’s called “The Berry Hungry Caterpillar!” Favourite Treat: Blueberry Spaghetti. Favourite Pastime: Eating of course!



Surprise Message

You're so berry cool!

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Mooli The Crab

Mooli the Crab is full of silliness and has the softest claws you will ever feel! These arms are made for hugging not pinching! Favourite Treat: Watermelon Popsicles! Favourite Pastime: Building Sandcastles



Surprise Message

You're crabulous!

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Toogy The Puppy

Toogy loves chasing anything that moves and sniffing out chocolate. This little pup always helps to chip in when there’s chocolate to be found! Favourite Treat: Choc Chip Dog Biscuits. Favourite Pastime: Tail chasing!



Chocolate Chip

Surprise Message

You're a total Pup-Star!

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Juju The Giraffe

Juju the Giraffe is a risk taker who sticks their neck out to surprise someone! Not the tallest Pikmi Pop out there but others still look up to Juju for inspiration! Favourite Treat: Caramel Crunch Cookies. Favourite Pastime: Knitting long scarves!



Surprise Message

You always make me giraffe!

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Tickles The Octopus

Tickles the Octopus can high-five eight friends at the same time which is lucky because Tickles is a “berry” popular octopus! Favourite Treat: Raspberry Ripple Surprise! Favourite Pastime: Arm wrestling 8 Pikmis at a time!


Ripe Raspberries

Surprise Message

Legs be best friends!

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Bubbles The Goldfish

Bubbles is surprisingly talented. Blowing bubbles under water and then juggling them. It’s one tricky underwater trick! Favourite Treat: Bubblegum Buns. Favourite Pastime: Taking bubble baths




Surprise Message

You are so Fintastic!

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Mumpy The Bunny

Super friendly, Mumpy can hear besties coming from miles away! Always up for a hug, Mumpy love to wrap their ears around you! Favourite Treat: Marshmallow Carrots! Favourite Pastime: Just mellowing out!


Vanilla Bean Marshmallow

Surprise Message

You are music to my ears!

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Middy The Owl

You will only ever see Middy after dark! Middy hosts the best slumber parties and is always the last one to fall asleep! Favourite Treat: Watermelon waffles. Favourite Pastime: Star gazing!



Surprise Message

You're Hootiful!

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Moosh The Kitten

Moosh the Kitten loves highland dancing. Moosh has the fastest moving paws in the land. Favourite Treat: Marshmallow Muffins. Favourite Pastime: Playing Hop Scotch.


Vanilla Bean Marshmallow

Surprise Message

Besties - Meow and forever!

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Numble The Bear

When Numble is not snoozing, Numble's jumping out from trees to give surprise hugs! Numble’s squeezes are designed to please! Favourite Treat: Caramel Cream Smoothie. Favourite Pastime: Surprise Selfies



Surprise Message

I can't bear being without you!

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Hobnob The Hamster

Hobnob is one helpful Hamster. Happy to bend over backwards for you, Hobnob also loves to have fun and go a little crazy! Favourite Treat: Banana Bagels. Favourite Pastime: Practicing the Hamster dance!


Mint Banana

Surprise Message

Let's go Bananas!

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Ooky The Monkey

“Beware of the bubblegum monkey!” Ooky’s a cheeky little thing who loves to swing and surprise you by popping bubblegum bubbles when you least expect it! Favourite Treat: Bubblegum Burgers. Favourite Pastime: Listening to “POP” music!




Surprise Message

You're the tops when it comes to pops!

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Kaz The Squirrel

This Pikmi's head is always full of fresh ideas to make life more fun! Kaz lives in the only watermelon tree in Pikmi Land. It’s a great place for a growing imagination! Favourite Treat: Watermelon Waffles. Favourite Pastime: Watermelon carving!



Surprise Message

You're one in a melon!

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Tumbles The Puppy

Tumbles loves to bark and woof! Running, jumping and tumbling all around the garden is so much fun!  Favourite Pastime: Chilling out with their pal Miska

Surprise Message

Totally Puppalicious!

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Miska The Kitten

The coolest kitten in town, Miska loves hanging out with Miska's buddy Tumbles! Sweet like Raspberries, Miska loves chasing pieces of string and reflections on the wall. Favourite Pastime: Running around with Tumbles!

Surprise Message

You're Meow-velous!

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Hoodoo The Monkey

A born comedian, Hoodoo makes everyone laugh. A tree swinging giggle factory, when Hoodoo starts cracking up all the Pikmis follow! Favourite Pastime: Joking around with Tambo!

Surprise Message

You're a barrel of fun!

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Tambo The Parrot

Tambo prefers balloning with bubblegum rather than flapping Tambo's wings. This star-beaming bird catches everyone's eye as they float by! Favourite Pastime: Parrotoke!

Surprise Message

Some birdy loves you!

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Naz The Bear

A bear who's always there, Naz has a heart of gold and never complains, even when Naz has to assist Fez in one of Fez's magic tricks! Favourite Pastime: Pikmi Pop Picnics!

Surprise Message

Let's mello out!

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Fez The Bunny

Trickin' 'n' prankin' is what Fez does best! Full of surprises, Fez is always popping out of top hats and disapearing without a trace. Favourite Pastime: Hanging out with Naz the Bear

Surprise Message

It's time to shine!

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Pingle The Hedgehog

Pingle the Hedgehog really sticks out from the crowd! Shy but super sweet, Pingle rolls up into a ball when anyone pops by! Favourite Treat: Caramel Crunch Candy. Favourite Pastime: Playing pinball



Surprise Message

Sending hedge-hugs and kisses!

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Ickle The Parakeet

Ickle loves to talk and squawk and has a good word for everyone! This little parrot even talks in their sleep. If you have a message to send this is the bird to call! Favourite Treat: Grape Salad. Favourite Pastime: Talking, talking and talking! 



Grape Giggles

Surprise Message

You're the squawk of the town!

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Selby The Sloth

Selby the Sloth has plenty of time for everyone! With hugs that last for ages, Pikmis rush to get in line for one. They are certainly worth the wait! Favourite Treat: Blueberry Muffins. Favourite Pastime: Racing snails




Surprise Message

You're slow amazing!

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Gizmit The Guinea Pig

Like a mini lawn mower, Gizmit the Guinea Pig is always hunting around for the sweetest grass to eat! Come over for lunch one day and share a hay-burger. Favourite Treat: Caramel Creams. Favourite Pastime: Having Sweeeet Dreams!




Surprise Message

You're a real Squeak-heart!

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Flit The Butterfly

Flit the Butterfly is attracted to anything shiny and pretty and gets into a flap searching for surprises and gifts for friends! When this butterfly flutters by, its a sign that you are in for a treat! Favourite Pastime: Cocoon Decorating.

Surprise Message

You make my heart flutter!

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Akwa The Narwhal

Akwa the Narwhal makes magic happen! This Pikmi Pop loves blowing bubbles and then popping them with Akwa's horn. It’s the best fun you can have with gum! Favourite Pastime: Hanging out with Unicorns


Surprise Message

Narwhal always love you!

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Wawa The Seal

Wawa the Seal loves to swim and shake, in every sea, river and lake! If Wawa's your friend, consider that a seal of approval! Favourite Pastime: Swimming with friends.

Surprise Message

You're the sealiest friend I know!

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Folly the Bunny

Folly the Bunny's home is always a "Hoppening Place!" With Berry long ears that are perfect to listen to the latest Pikmi Pop-tunes, Folly is a bunny with ears of experience behind them! Favourite Treat: Blueberry Shakes! Favourite Pastime: Listening to other's secrets!



Surprise Message

You're the bunniest person I know!

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Neno The Owl

Neno the Owl is wiser than most with an answer to any question. It may not be the right answer, but at least it will give you a giggle! Favourite Treat: Banana muffins. Favourite Pastime: Reading joke books



Surprise Message

Owl never let you down!

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Dollop The Kitten

Dollop always looks like the cat that got the cream. Dollop always has Dollop's tartan hankerchief to keep Dollop's whiskers clean. Favourite Treat: Grapes with cream! Favourite Pastime: Playing the bagpipes.


Grape Giggles

Surprise Message

You're the cream of the crop!

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Tuku The Penguin

Tuku the Penguin always feels cold and the best way to keep warm is a big hug! That’s why you’ll always find this Pikmi snuggling with friends!  Favourite Treat: Blueberry Juice Jelly. Favourite Pastime: Painting with watercolors.



Surprise Message

Have an ice day!

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Bibble The Lamb

Bibble the Lamb is super creative and likes to surprise Bibble's friends by knitting amazing gifts using Bibble's soft wool!
Favourite Treat: Marshmallow Pudding. Favourite Pastime: Yarn Bombing.


Vanilla Bean Marshmallow

Surprise Message

You're wooly wonderful

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Cloppy The Pony

Cloppy the Pony gives rides to other Pikmis when they are tired. They hold on tight to Cloppy’s ears because it’s always a surprisingly bumpy ride! Favourite Treat: Paradise Popsicles Favourite Pastime: Plaiting ponytails for friends. 


Fruit Paradise

Surprise Message

You're the pony one for me!

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Chata The Parrot

Chata the Parrot is always on the phone talking to friends. If you want the gossip going around Pikmi Land, just ask Chata. Favourite Treat: Raspberry seed salad. Favourite Pastime: Talking, chatting, speaking and having conversations!



Ripe Raspberries

Surprise Message

You're my berry Bestie!

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Tiki The Cow

Tiki the cow is a smooth mooover and loves to shake it up on the dance floor! When the music’s finished, it’s time serve up some after-party grape milkshakes! Favourite Treat: Great Grape Milkshakes! Favourite Pastime: Dancing to Moosic!


Grape Giggles

Surprise Message

You're Totally Moovelous!

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Smorey The Dog

Smorey has a heart for art! This creative pup is always surprising friends by making sweet art from the tastiest treats. It’s art that’s good enough to eat! Favourite Treat: Vanilla Marshmallow Sundae. Favourite Pastime: Being a Sweet-art to friends.


Vanilla Bean Marshmallow

Surprise Message

You're Pawsome!

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Kimie The Cat

Kimie is a cool cat who’s a sweet treat to be with! Choc full of love to share, this cat is the purrfect pop to pick! Favourite Treat: Mint Choc-Chip Ice Cream. Favourite Pastime: Washing their whiskers!


Mint Chocolate Chip

Surprise Message

You're Purrrfect! No Kitten!

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Beeps The Owl

Beeps the Owl is wiser than most, with an answer to any question. It may not be the right answer, but at least it will give you a giggle! Favourite Treat: Banana muffins. Favourite Pastime: Reading joke books




Surprise Message

You're a hoot to be with!

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Squeaks The Mouse

With a sparkling personality, Squeaks the Mouse comes out at night to brighten up everyone in sight! Squeaks’ a little mouse who’s a big star! Favourite Treat: Chocolate Chips! Favourite Pastime: Karaoke competitions


Chocolate Chip

Surprise Message

Gime me a squeak!

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Asha The Bunny

Asha has ups and downs like everyone else. When you need someone to talk to Asha is the one to pick - All ears and a great listener! Favourite Treat: Peppermint Pie. Favourite Pastime: Hip Hop dancing




Surprise Message

Don't worry! Be Hoppy!

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